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Why after installing an ARM Compiler 5 patch does "armcc --vsn" report that my old build is still in use?

Applies to: DS-5


By default, the ARM Compiler 5 patches, e.g., v5.01u3 installer uses "C:\Program Files\ARM_Compiler_5" for the installation; the compiler tools executables under "C:\Program Files\DS-5\bin" are not updated. When using the command "armcc --vsn", the old build will still be in use rather than the newly installed build.

This is intentional. Automatically overwriting random parts of DS-5 without a wholesale DS-5 upgrade could lead to problems, so the ARM Compiler patch installer makes a parallel directory structure, e.g., "C:\Program Files\ARM_Compiler_5", by default.

When running the ARM Compiler 5 installer, to overwrite the existing compiler build in DS-5, you need to specify the patch installation path to the DS-5 installation path, e.g., "C:\Program Files\DS-5".

ARM Compiler Custom Setup

Note: ARM Compiler 5 can be uninstalled separately without uninstalling DS-5, by clicking the Windows button: "Start → All Programs → ARM Compiler 5 → Uninstall ARM Compiler 5".


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