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How do I silently install DS-5?

Applies to: DS-5


DS-5 can be installed from the command line without any user interaction using the following commands:

On Windows:

msiexec /i <image>\data\DS-5.msi /lv install.log /quiet EULA=1 SKIP_DRIVERS=1 SKIP_POST_EXEC=1

On Linux:

<image>/ -q --i-agree-to-the-contained-eula --skip-menu-install --skip-post-install -d <destination> --force --no-interactive

USB driver support for DSTREAM and RVI can later be added by executing utility files which come with the installation:

On Windows:

C:\Program Files\DS-5\sw\driver_files\driver_install.bat

On Linux:


Performing a silent installation automatically acknowledges the end user license agreement which is part of the normal installation process. The DS-5 license agreement (license.txt) is located in the destination folder.

Article last edited on: 2012-05-23 18:59:32

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