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No Trace Synchronization on Freescale K70 Board

Applies to: ULINK USB-JTAG Debugger


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The Trace Status line in the uVision debugger always displays "No Synchronization" when attempting to use the ETM Trace option in the Kinetis TWR-K70F120M board.  The Trace hardware is enabled and the Core Clock setting corresponds to the CLOCK_SETUP value in the system_MK70F12.c file.


The TWR-K70F120M board has a location for a 0 ohm shunt (R137, on the back side of the board) that connects the TraceClock signal from the JTAG connector (J11) to the MCU.  Some TWR-K70F120M boards do not have this shunt installed.  This shunt must be installed to use the ETM trace option.


Install a 0 ohm resistor (or a short piece of wire) at the R137 location.



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