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Where can I find the driver for the HDLCD present on the V2P-CA15x2 and V2P-CA15x2-CA7x3 boards?

Applies to: V2P-CA15, V2P-CA15-CA7


Pre-built kernel images are currently available with the Versatile Express deliverables and via the Software Enablement page at the ARM Website. Both have support for CLCD, but neither use the CLCD present on the CoreTile Express. They use the CLCD present in the Motherboard Express (PL111).

The HDLCD controller on the V2P-CA15 and V2P-CA15-A7 boards is not an PL111 but a custom implementation, and its driver is not part of the kernels mentioned above nor the vanilla kernel. The Programmers Model is documented in the V2P-CA15 and V2P-CA15-A7 Technical Reference Manuals available from the Versatile Express DVD that ships with the board and also from the ARM Website.

In order to obtain video output from the V2P-CA15 and V2P-CA15-A7 boards, please refer to the kernel provided by Linaro or select the relevant parts for the HDLCD driver to rebuild the kernel. The HDLCD related patches can also be found on this branch.

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