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Where can I find pre-built Linux images for my Versatile Express system?

Applies to: Versatile Express Baseboards


ARM provide a set of pre-built Linux images that are designed to enable customers to get a working Linux environment running on their Versatile Express system. These images are available from both the ARM Linux Software Enablement page and are also shipped as part of the Versatile Express DVD.

These images can be found at the default installation path:

C:\Program Files\Versatile_Express_x_y\software\Linux
NOTE: '_x_y' is the version of the Versatile Express DVD installed. 

This Knowledge Article focuses on the contents of the Versatile Express DVD 4.0 and onwards and the Linux images provided on the ARM Linux Software Enablement page. Its aim is to explain the deliverables from the locations above. 


Both the Versatile Express DVD and the ARM Linux Software Enablement page provide a set of pre-built Linux images, these include:

1. DTB (Device Tree Blob)

A Device Tree Blob is used by the Linux kernel to initialize itself based on a specific hardware platform. Device Tree Blob's allow a single kernel image to be fully platform independent. A device tree file, named '.dts', is a text file that describes the hardware platform. It is compiled into a device tree blob, '.dtb', which is loaded into memory before the Linux kernel is started. The Linux kernel then uses that device tree blob to initialize itself at runtime.

The Versatile Express DVD contains pre-built '.dtb' files for all the supported CoreTiles. These can be found at the default installation path:

C:\Program Files\Versatile_Express_x_y\software\Linux

Please note that ARM does not provide '.dts' source files on the Versatile Express DVD.

2. Kernel Images

The Versatile Express DVD also includes a pre-built Linaro Linux kernel.

An ARM Embedded Linux (AEL) kernel release can be found on the ARM Linux Software Enablement page. This contains default configurations for Versatile Express. 

3. Filesystems

The Versatile Express DVD contains a Linaro filesystem which can be found at the following location:

C:\Program Files\Versatile_Express_x_y\software\Linux\filesystem

or from the Linaro's website in the Linaro Developers and Community Build section.

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