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XC800: 'Use multiple DPTR registers' may cause runtime errors

Applies to: C51 C Compiler


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You may experience runtime problems when the uVision option Use multiple DPTR registers in the dialog Options for Target — Target is selected for an Infineon XC8xx/TLE98xx device. This only happens when you also use extra register banks (directive using) in your interrupt service routines.


The uVision device database contained the option MOD517DP for all these devices. This directive tells the compiler to use up to 8 DPTR depending on the register bank selection. Since XC8xx/TLE98xx devices only have 2 DPTR, the DPTR content may get corrupted and xdata variables may show wrong values.


Do not select the option Use multiple DPTR registers in the dialog Options for Target — Target. If you want to use dual DPTR to speed-up xdata memory compare and copy functions, please specify the option MODP2 manually in the dialog Options for Target — C51 — Misc Controls.


This will be fixed in all C51 versions later than 9.50a. If a project was created with a C51 version 9.50a or before, the device needs to be re-selected in the dialog Options for Target — Device to take over the new options.




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