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Setting Conditional Breakpoints

Applies to: uVision Debugger


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After I set a conditional breakpoint in the debugger, when I try to run, I get the message:

Target Device does not support conditional breakpoints.

But my device should support this. What could be wrong?


You will get this message if you do not set the Read and Write checkboxes when defining your breakpoint. To fix this:

  1. Start the Debugger.
  2. Use Ctrl+B to open the Breakpoints dialog.
  3. Double-click your conditional breakpoint to select it.
  4. Check the Read and Write checkboxes.
  5. Click Define. This builds a another breakpoint with your changes.
  6. Select the original breakpoint and then click Kill Selected to remove the original breakpoint.
  7. Then click Close.




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Article last edited on: 2012-08-16 14:45:07

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