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Error from target: gator driver version x is different than gator daemon version y

Applies to: DS-5



When connecting Streamline to the target running a Linaro Ubuntu image, DS-5 displays a error message that says:

Problem Occurred, Error from target: gator driver version 9 is different than gator daemon version 10.


This error message indicates that the gator daemon has a newer version than the driver.


Make sure the target is connected to the network and run the below from a shell on the target:

apt-get install gator-module-dkms

This should update the driver to the latest version, matching the daemon version on the target. Restart the target now and try to connect Streamline again. 


If the target does not have access to the network, or the distribution you are using does not support the 'apt-get' command, then the gator driver or daemon must be rebuilt from the source.

For more information, please refer to the Streamline documentation, Target Setup section.

Article last edited on: 2014-03-31 08:34:06

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