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How can I monitor the signals between the Motherboard and the Logic Tile?

Applies to: Versatile Baseboards, Versatile Logic Tiles


In the past ARM used to sell Analyzer Tiles which allow to monitor the signals between the Motherboard and the Logic Tile. ARM no longer sell Analyzer Tiles, therefore the only way to monitor the signals is with an ILA (Integrated Logic Analyzer) such as Xilinx's ChipScope. This set up generally involves:

  1. Inserting the ILA block into the custom logic design
  2. Configure it to monitor the required signals
  3. Rebuild the FPGA image

ARM Motherboards have an ILA JTAG socket which gives the Xilinx ChipScope tool access to the FPGA's TAP controller while the debug tools are simultaneously connected to the debug TAP controller in the ARM test chip. There is a limitation on this setup, the electrical signals on the buses that run between the boards cannot be monitored. The signals being monitored are inside the IOBs (input/Output Blocks) in the FPGA captured against an internal clock.

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