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What is the Cortex-A7’s behavior if we turn-on the L1/L2 data cache read-allocate mode disable bits ?

Applies to: Cortex-A7


Refer to section 2.1.1 for DCU read allocate mode description.

By default, L1RADIS=0, L2RADIS=0 and read allocate mode is enabled.

The idea of read allocate mode is to prevent filling the cache with unnecessary data when 
initializing a large block of memory.

When a complete cache line is written before the corresponding cache linefill has completed, and 
this happens on 3 consecutive cache lines, then the CPU switches into L1 read allocate mode. In 
this mode, we stop allocating data to the L1 D$ on a write, so we only allocate data on a read.

There is equivalent functionality for the L2 DCU, which is entered after 127 full cache line 

By setting L1RADIS=1 or L2RADIS=1, we disable the entry into read allocate mode, so the CPU will 
remain always in "write allocate", which means allocating on a read miss or on a write miss.

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