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How to troubleshoot the error: Web services unavailable, check network settings

Applies to: DS-5


While attempting to license ARM DS-5, if you see the error message “Web services unavailable, check network settings”, then DS-5 is unable to talk to ARM’s web services. There are a few steps that can be performed to check these settings.

Step one: Check your computer network settings

If your computer can access the internet then DS-5 should also be able to access the Internet. So check that your computer can communicate with the Internet.

Check your web browser works

DS-5 accesses the web services for things like license generation in a similar fashion that your web browser accesses the Internet. So if your web browser works then so should DS-5. Check that your web browser works by visiting the web address If this works then you should see the following:

Check your operating system’s proxy settings

Open up the proxy settings for your operating system. On Windows these are found via the control panel. If you don’t need a proxy to access the Internet, then check that one is not configured. If you do need one, check that it is configured for both HTTP and HTTPS (secure) or SOCKS.

Step two: Check DS-5 proxy settings

The computers proxy settings can be overridden by DS-5. Check these settings by opening the eclipse settings from the “Window->Preferences” menu and selecting “General->Network connections” from the dialog that appears.

If there are no ticked proxy entries, then there is no proxy in use and eclipse thinks you can access the internet without a proxy.

If the “Active Provider” is set to native, then the operating systems proxy settings are being used. Any proxies will appear in the list with the host set to “Dynamic”.

Make sure that if you need a proxy to access the Internet that it is shown in the proxy entries. You will need to ensure that there are both “HTTP” and “HTTPS” proxies.

Step three: Contact support

If DS-5 is still unable to access the internet, then contact your support representative. If you bought your tools directly from ARM, you can raise a support case on It would help them to diagnose the problem if you can provide them a copy of the eclipse error log. This can be found by selecting the menu option “Help->About Eclipse Platform” and selecting the “Installation Details” button. Now select the “Configuration” tab and click the “View Error Log” button to open up the error log.

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