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What is the difference between V2F-1XV7 RevB and RevC?

Applies to: V2F-1XV7


The main difference between the revisions of the V2F-1XV7 boards are the version of the XC7V2000T-1 FPGA. The V2F-1XV7 RevB board includes an Initial ES (Engineering Sample) FPGA and the RevC board includes a General ES FPGA. There are known issues when generating IP relating to the GTX Transceivers on the Initial ES silicon. Customers should contact Xillinx for details regarding the differences between these releases. 

Currently SMMs (Soft Macrocell Models) based on the V2F-1XV7, such as the V2S-A57 and any future Application Notes will only provide support for the RevC release of the V2F-1XV7. This means the System Recovery files provided as part of the V2S-A57 DVD only include a bitfile in the V2F-1XV7 RevC directory of the Versatile Express Mass Storage Device:


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