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How do I perform TPIU trace on the A57-SMM using DS-5?

Applies to: V2F-1XV7


The trace functionality enables users to collect real-time trace data capture for software running on hardware systems. This Knowledge Article provides an example of a trace session performed on a ARM Cortex-A57x1 SMM.

Target system setup

Connect your DSTREAM unit to the Versatile Express system by attaching the MICTOR 38 cable to the TRACE J17 port on the LogicTile Express 20MG V2F-1XV7 board.

Debug configuration setup

In order to perform trace on A57-SMM you will need to ensure that you have either manually added the A57-SMM debug configuration to DS-5, or your DS-5 version already has support included. If you require adding the necessary configdb follow the steps below:

  1. In DS-5 ARMv8 navigate to Window  Preferences  DS-5  Configuration Database
  2. Add the A57_SMM_20130624 directory from <A57-SMM DVD installation folder>\V2S_A57_1_0\boards\SMM-A57\software\DS-5_config\A57_SMM_20130624 as a new configuration database by pressing the Add button.
  3. Click Rebuild Database… and then Apply for the changes to take effect.

Now create a new Debug Configuration which will be used for this particular trace session.

  1. Change to DS-5 Debug perspective and navigate to Run  Debug Configurations… to create a new Debug Configuration. Give it a name.
  2. In the Connection tab select the ARM/A57_SMM/Bare Metal Debug/Debug Cortex-A57 via DSTREAM/RVI target.
  3. Browse for your DSTREAM unit in the Connection tab.
  4. The Debug and Trace Services Layer (DTSL) options enable you to choose the type of trace you want to perform. Click on the Edit… button and select Trace capture method → DSTREAM 4GB Trace Buffer in the Trace Capture tab. Tick the Enable Cortex-A57 0 trace and Trace capture range boxes in the Core Trace tab. Confirm the options by clicking the OK button. Your configurations should look similar to the screenshots below:


  5. Select Connect only in the Debugger tab/Run control tab. Ensure that the Target Configuration/Application on host to download entry in the Files tab is empty.
  6. Click the Debug button.

The Trace window is not located by default in the main view, so you will have to add it manually from Window Show Window Trace. Once the target is stopped you should be able to see some trace output. Since we are not loading any particular image, this is the trace of the Boot Monitor code.

Attachments: DTSl_Core_Trace.png , DTSl_Trace_Capture.png

Article last edited on: 2013-11-11 10:45:49

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