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Which vector table is used when an exception occurs in monitor mode?


The vector table base addresses stored in MVBAR and the secure copy of VBAR exist in the same virtual address space.  The monitor mode's vector table, MVBAR, is used for exceptions that are specifically targeted to monitor mode.  This always includes SMC exceptions and externally generated aborts and interrupts when so configured using the Secure Configuration Register (SCR.)  Other exception types will be handled using a vector offset from the secure copy of VBAR.

There are a number of instructions that generate software exceptions, this is their behaviour when executed in monitor mode.  Note that as there is no secure Hyp mode the HVC instruction becomes undefined when executed in the secure world.

Software Exceptions
Instruction Vector Base Offset
SVC Secure VBAR* 0x08
HVC Secure VBAR* 0x04

Other synchronous exception when generated in monitor mode.

Synchronous Exceptions
Exception Vector Base Offset
Undefined Instruction Secure VBAR* 0x04
Synchronous data abort Secure VBAR* 0x10
Synchronous prefetch abort Secure VBAR* 0x0C

Externally generated exceptions can be configured to use MVBAR or VBAR as a vector base using the Secure Configuration Register.  If they are not configured to be handled using MVBAR they will use the secure copy of VBAR, even if they occur when the current processor mode is monitor.

External Asynchronous Aborts
Exception SCR.A Vector Base Offset
Asynchronous data abort 0 Secure VBAR* 0x10
Asynchronous data abort 1 MVBAR 0x10
Asynchronous prefetch abort 0 Secure VBAR* 0x0C
Asynchronous prefetch abort 1 MVBAR 0x0C

Remember; due to the asynchronous nature of these aborts the cause of the exception may not have any relation to the currently executing code.

Interrupt SCR.I SCR.F Vector Base Offset
IRQ 0 x Secure VBAR* 0x18
IRQ 1 x MVBAR 0x18
FIQ x 0 Secure VBAR* 0x1C
FIQ x 1 MVBAR 0x1C

*Note forces SCR.NS=0

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