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"run_example" script fails to link "" to 64-bit Verilog simulator

Applies to: Cortex-M3


The "run_example" script delivered with the processor RTL assumes that the simulator will be run in 32-bit mode, irrespective of whether the simulation platform is running on 32-bit or 64-bit Operating System. The "example" system provided is very small, and a 32-bit simulation is sufficient to run any reasonable testcase in this system.

Where a chip designer has access only to the 64-bit version of the simulator, the "run_example" script will fail when it tries to link a 32-bit instance of the Model Manager object "" to the simulator binary, in order to access the "" object.

The 64-bit versions of these objects are supplied, but in order to access them, the "run_example" script must be edited to append "_64" to the values of "$the_os" and "$rtl_os" in the "misc_setup" portion of the script. For example, on Linux:

   $the_os   = "Linux";
   $rtl_os   = "RH_Linux_x86";   

changed to 

  $the_os   = "Linux_64";
  $rtl_os   = "RH_Linux_x86_64";

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