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Configuring a Fast Model for a remote CADI connection

Applies to: Fast Models


The ARM Fast Models from 8.0 onwards can be configured such that a remote CADI connection from a client on another machine, or a client on the same machine but using a specific port, can be made to them.

There are use-cases when this might be useful :

i) when one machine is used to run many Fast Models and ARM DS-5 debugger sessions, or

ii) there is a requirement for a DS-5 Debugger to connect remotely to a Fast Model running on a totally separate machine.

Whichever is required, the Fast Model must have remote CADI connections enabled and configured. This is done by adding the following to the command line parameters (a CADI server must also be running, specified with -S) :

-S -C REMOTE_CONNECTION.CADIServer.enable_remote_cadi=1 -C REMOTE_CONNECTION.CADIServer.listen_address= -C REMOTE_CONNECTION.CADIServer.port=port

where port is the port that the CADI Server should listen on. Usually this is port 7000 and must be unique for that model running on a given machine.

An example command line invocation might therefore look like :

FVP_VE_AEMv8A.exe -S -p -C REMOTE_CONNECTION.CADIServer.enable_remote_cadi=1 -C REMOTE_CONNECTION.CADIServer.listen_address= -C REMOTE_CONNECTION.CADIServer.port=7002 -a /PATH_TO_IMAGE/sorts_v8.axf

If starting the Fast Model from model_shell then the following plugin must also be specified to enable remote connections :

--allow-debug-plugin --plugin $PVLIB_HOME/plugins/<OS_Compiler>/<Release|Debug>CADIIPCRemoteConnection.dll|so

 Please also see the separate article on Connecting DS-5 Debugger to a remote Fast Model.

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