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How do I connect DS-5 to a remotely-running Fast Model / specify a different CADI Server port to be used

Applies to: DS-5


There can be times when a Fast Model is being run on a different machine to that which a client (debugger) is running on, or it is required to connect to a specific CADI server running on a local machine

This article covers the different methods available to the user to connect to such Fast Models using DS-5.


Connect to a Fast Model with a different IP address to the client

Specify the following environment variable before DS-5 is started up:


where is the IP address of the machine that you wish to to connect to, and 7002 is the port on that machine that the CADI server is running on.

then both cdbimporter and DS-5 should then attempt to connect to the CADI server named above.

If running cdbimporter to import the model then it must be run with the '-m' option. See section 2.11 'Adding a new platform' of ARM DS-5 Debugger User Guide for more information.

See also the article on "Configuring a Fast Model for a remote CADI connection"

Connecting to a Fast Model running on the same machine but with a specific CADI Server port

This use-case might be found when a single machine may be used to run DS-5 and several copies of the same model, and DS-5 is required to connect to a specific running model.

In this case, the model must have already been imported into DS-5.

Then, within the cadi_config.xml file of the imported models' configuration database, add the following two lines just before the </RDDICADI> tag :



This tells DS-5 which port to look for the CADI server on. In this case it is port 7002.

It also tells DS-5 not to try to connect to any other model with the same name but using a different port.

This can cause confusion if there are multiple models running on the same machine with the same name but using different ports.

Unless the <AnyModel> flag is specified and set to False, DS-5 will try to connect to a model matching the same name if it cannot find the specified model running on the given port.

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