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Can I link ARMv7-M objects with ARMv7-R or ARMv7-A objects and run the resulting image on an ARMv7-R or ARMv7-A processor?

Applies to: DS-5


It is possible that the linker may emit errors 6242 or 6366 to complain about the compatibility of different objects' attributes, for example:

Error: L6242E: Cannot link object xxx.o as its attributes are incompatible with the image attributes.

Error: L6366E: xxx.o attributes are not compatible with the provided cpu and fpu attributes.

However, if the image does not use ARMv7-M specific features, for example, the ARMv7-M special-purpose registers such as CONTROL, you should be able to suppress these errors with --diag_suppress=6242,6366 and run the image on an ARMv7-R or ARMv7-A target.

Article last edited on: 2014-08-29 13:16:25

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