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Why do I see C9931W or C9933W reported as an error?

Applies to: DS-5, RealView Development Suite (RVDS), Tool Licensing (License Management)


ARM Compiler is a license managed product. When one of the ARM Compiler tools acquires a license that has an expiry date in the near future, that tool reports diagnostic 9931. For example:

Warning: C9931W: Your license for Compiler (feature compiler) will expire in 28 days

If a license server is being used, it can be the case that all suitable licenses are already in use by other tool invocations. In these circumstances, the ARM Compiler tools will queue until a license becomes available after reporting diagnostic 9933:

Warning: C9933W: Waiting for license...

By default, the ARM Compiler reports both of the above messages with warning severity.

Some build environments use the --diag_error=warning option in order to upgrade all warning messages to error severity. For many releases of ARM Compiler, this includes diagnostics 9931 and 9933:

Error: C9931W: Your license for Compiler (feature compiler5) will expire in 14 days
Error: C9933W: Waiting for license...

To avoid this issue, either:

ARM Compiler 4.0:

ARMCC40_ASMOPT=--licretry --diag_suppress=9931,9933
ARMCC40_CCOPT=--licretry --diag_suppress=9931,9933
ARMCC40_FROMELFOPT=--licretry --diag_suppress=9931,9933
ARMCC40_LINKOPT=--licretry --diag_suppress=9931,9933

ARM Compiler 4.1:

ARMCC41_ASMOPT=--licretry --diag_suppress=9931,9933
ARMCC41_CCOPT=--licretry --diag_suppress=9931,9933
ARMCC41_FROMELFOPT=--licretry --diag_suppress=9931,9933
ARMCC41_LINKOPT=--licretry --diag_suppress=9931,9933

ARM Compiler 5:

ARMCC5_ASMOPT=--licretry --diag_suppress=9931,9933
ARMCC5_CCOPT=--licretry --diag_suppress=9931,9933
ARMCC5_FROMELFOPT=--licretry --diag_suppress=9931,9933
ARMCC5_LINKOPT=--licretry --diag_suppress=9931,9933

ARM Compiler 6:

ARMCOMPILER6_ASMOPT=--licretry --diag_suppress=9931,9933
ARMCOMPILER6_FROMELFOPT=--licretry --diag_suppress=9931,9933
ARMCOMPILER6_LINKOPT=--licretry --diag_suppress=9931,9933

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