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Building a C++ project without floating-point libraries

Applies to: DS-5


Some of the C++ library headers implicitly include floating-point libraries. This means that depending on the header files included in a project, floating-point libraries might be linked into the final image even if the source code does not use any floating-point operations. This has the following effects:

For example, consider a source file that does not use any floating-point functions or operations and includes the iostream header file.  Compiling this source file with --fpu=none or --fpmode=none will generate compilation errors because iostream implicitly includes math.h which contains floating-point function declarations.

The Rogue Wave C++ library shipped with ARM Compiler 5 does not contain separate versions of the headers or run-time libraries built without floating-point operations (software-emulated or hardware floating-point).  Therefore, to avoid such errors and potential increased code size when compiling C++ code, you may need to develop custom C++ header and library implementations that do not include floating-point data or operations.

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