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How do I obtain logging from the VSTREAM Client ?

Applies to: DS-5


When contacting ARM Support with issues regarding DS-5 to VSTREAM Client connections, a log of the VSTREAM Client transactions can be very useful to ARM Support.

In order to obtain the logging, when starting the VSTREAM Client please specify the additional command line options :

-log -loginit -logtimes -rvmsglog -debuglog

This will generate a 'dap_trans.log' in the current working directory.

If the path or filename needs to be altered, then additionally add :

-logfile filename

where 'filename' is the required filename (including file pathname).

The generated logfile can be quite sizable, so please remember to compress it before sending it to ARM Support.

For more information, please consult the 'VSTREAM Client User Guide' that is included with the product.

Article last edited on: 2015-09-09 16:21:40

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