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How do I use the Jazelle DBX engine?

Applies to: ARM Architecture and Instruction Sets, ARM Developer Suite (ADS), RealView Development Suite (RVDS)


ARM Jazelle DBX enabled cores (e.g. the ARM926EJ-S) execute the majority of Java bytecodes in hardware. To configure and turn on the Jazelle DBX hardware to run those bytecodes requires software support code integrated into a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). ARM licenses this software support code as part of the Jazelle Java Technology Enabling Kit (JTEK).

The JTEK is available for license by anyone who is also a Sun licensee (SCSL or TLDA); this is due to the terms of our agreement for Jazelle DBX hardware with Sun Microsystems. Please be aware that all detailed technical documentation about the Jazelle DBX engine, including the Jazelle Architecture Reference Manual, is only available to JTEK licensees.

To find out more information about Jazelle software, and Jazelle-enabled VMs, please see the Jazelle software page on the ARM website. ARM does not provide a Jazelle enabled JVM (or any JVM); however, we do have a list of our partners who provide JVM solutions at the bottom of that page.

For writing Java applications to run on a JVM, developers can use any Java language toolkit. ARM does not provide Java tools, but there are a large number of commercial solutions available. The Eclipse development environment in particular is very feature rich, and very free.

RVDS includes simulators for several Jazelle DBX equipped cores, including the ARM926EJ-S, the ARM1026EJ-S, the ARM1136J(F)-S, and the ARM1176JZ(F)-S. The RealView Debugger (as well as the AXD debugger from ADS) can support debugging bytecodes while the core is in Jazelle state, but does not support Java language source level debug.

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