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Can I have more than one version of the CodeWarrior IDE on my PC?

Applies to: ARM Developer Suite (ADS)


Yes, it is possible to install and run different versions of CodeWarrior (CodeWarrior for ADS and, for example, CodeWarrior for Palm OS) on the same machine. Two or more installations of CodeWarrior can co-exist, but it is not possible to run them simultaneously. You will need to select which version of CodeWarrior is currently the 'active' installation. This can be done as follows:

ADS is supplied with a batch file that will set the registry to work with the ADS version of the CodeWarrior installation. This file is called 'regservers.bat' and can be found in the ARM installation '/bin' directory. Executing this file will make select the ADS version of CodeWarrior as the current 'active' installation.

To switch to an alternative CodeWarrior installation, navigate to the appropriate directory (e.g for Palm this may be '~palm/bin '), and execute the 'regservers.bat' batch file from that directory.

With a small amount of further configuration you can remove the need to explicitly call these batch files by using desktop shortcuts. This can be done as follows

1) Place a shortcut to each version of CodeWarrior on the desktop.

2) Modify each shortcut so that it calls:

'<ADS install dir/other CodeWarrior install dir>

instead of the relevant CodeWarrior 'ide.exe'.

3) Update each of the 'regservers.bat' files as follows:

Delete the last two lines:

echo Done.

And replace them with:

start .ide.exe

Then you will no longer have to run the batch files explicitly.

Please be aware that when you double click on a code file that will be opened by CodeWarrior (for example, a C source code file), you will launch the most recently registered version of CodeWarrior. For the example above, if you have run regservers.bat to make CodeWarrior for Palm active, then double-clicking any C file (even if it is an ARM project) will launch CodeWarrior for Palm.

Note that it is not possible to add the compilers and linker for one version of CodeWarrior to the installation directory of another version.

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