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ADS 1.0.1 AXD reports "DBE Warning 00041: An unspecified Debug Toolbox call failed"

Applies to: ARM Developer Suite (ADS)


This error sometimes occurs when running AXD from ADS 1.0.1 under Windows 2000. This is fixed in ADS 1.1 .

It occurs when the temporary directory path (as set in the TMP enviroment variable) contains a long-filename of the form "username.domain". This is handled incorrectly, and prevents AXD from writing temporary files.

The directory 'C:Documents and Settings' contains a directory for every user that has ever logged into the machine. Most of these directories will be of the form "username". Where the user has logged in multiple times, using the same username with different domains, the directory will be "username.domain" for all but the first instance of that username.

User identities that use the "username.domain" form of directory will result in AXD 1.0.1 reporting "DBE Warning 00041".

There are two work-arounds to prevent this behaviour:

1. Ensure that you log in under a username/domain that uses the 'username' form in the 'Document and Settings' directory.
2. Change the TMP environment variable. For example, at the command prompt type: 'create C: emp' and 'set TMP=C: emp'.

The first workaround is preferable, as Windows 2000 may reset TMP variable occasionally.

Article last edited on: 2008-09-09 15:47:28

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