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Which XScale-based devices are supported by RVXDK?

Applies to: Multi-ICE, RealView Developer Kit for XScale (RVXDK)


The compilers and assemblers supplied with RVXDK produces ARM/Thumb code suitable for running on any XScale-based device. However the version of Multi-ICE supplied with RVXDK (2.2) provides support only for the following Intel XScale based devices:

  • 80200
  • 80321 (IOP321) I/O Processor
  • PXA210 Applications Processor
  • PXA250 Applications Processor

If you install the Multi-ICE 2.2.3 patch (or later) then this will add support for

  • IXP425 processor

In addition Multi-ICE 2.2.3 (or later) also allows other XScale-based processors with 7-bit TAP IRs to be manually configured, although we cannot guarantee that Multi-ICE will work with XScale devices other than those specifically mentioned above.

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