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Multi-ICE power supply issues with RVXDK

Applies to: Multi-ICE, RealView Developer Kit for XScale (RVXDK)


Multi-ICE requires a stable DC supply of between 2V and 5V, with a minimim of 500mA spare current capacity available on pin 2 (Vsupply) of its JTAG cable to function properly.

If the target board supplies no power or insufficient power to the VSupply pin then the Multi-ICE unit will not function; even though the green 'Power' LED may be illuminated.

In such a situation, an external power supply can be connected to the Multi-ICE unit via its DC input jack socket, which is located by the JTAG header connector.

A lab PSU can be used to power the Multi-ICE unit, or alternatively a suitable power supply unit could be obtained from a local electrical retailer.

RVXDK (RealView Developer Kit for XScale) is supplied with the 'Model 83' Multi-ICE unit, which has the DC input jack. The older 'Model 82' Multi-ICE does not have this socket. Connecting an external PSU to the older Multi-ICE unit is described in the FAQ entry "How do I connect an external PSU to a Multi-ICE that has no DC input jack? "

Article last edited on: 2008-09-09 15:47:29

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