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Differences between the two versions of Multi-ICE hardware

Applies to: Multi-ICE


There are two versions of the Multi-ICE hardware 'box'. Multi-ICE versions up to v2.0 were supplied with the mod82 box. Multi-ICE v2.1 and onwards are supplied with the mod83 box.

The functionality of the two boxes is mainly the same, but there are a few small differences between them:

1. Both versions of the box can be powered from the target. The mod83 box can also be powered from an external power supply, which is shipped with the product.

2. The mod83 box include a 4.7Kohm pull-up on the nTRST signal. This pin is not pulled-up in the mod82 box. Both versions of the box include a 51Kohm pull-up on the nSRST signal.

3. The mod83 box includes jumpers on some JTAG signals:

  • J7: If fitted between pins 1 and 2, Multi-ICE interfaces the target with the target signal levels clipped to 3.3V. If fitted between pins 2 and 3, Multi-ICE interfaces the target with 3.3V signal levels
  • J8: If fitted, Multi-ICE takes power from the target, so it can be used without the external power supply
  • J9: If fitted, Multi-ICE drives nSRST. nSRST is pulled-up whether J9 is fitted or not
  • J10: If fitted, Multi-ICE drives nTRST. nTRST is pulled-up only when J10 is fitted

In summary, the mod83 box behaves as the mod82 box when J7 is fitted between pins 1 and 2, and when J8, J9 and J10 are fitted.

4. The mod83 box has a newer generation FPGA. The HDL code in the FPGA remains unchanged.

5. The mod83 box includes protection filters on the signals to/from the JTAG connector. These filters protect the Multi-ICE unit from noise and reduce EMI emission, but they also add a 6ns delay on the JTAG signals. Although both models comply with the timing characteristics shown in the Multi-ICE v2.2 User Guide (ARM DUI 0048F) appendix F, it has been found that with some targets the mod83 box can only run at JTAG frequencies up to 5MHz whereas the mod82 box can run at the default 10MHz.

Article last edited on: 2008-09-09 15:47:29

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