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Using Multi-ICE with the Texas Instruments TMS470 processor

Applies to: Multi-ICE


TMS470 is a Texas Instruments processor based on the ARM7TDMI. Older versions of this device include the Embedded-ICE logic, formerly known as "ICE-Breaker". However, the latest versions of the device include a TI emulation module called "ICE-Crusher".

There are two known compatibility issues between Multi-ICE and ICE-Crusher:

1. ICE-Crusher introduces extra delay in the JTAG TDO signal, so its timing does not comply with Multi-ICE's requirements. The Multi-ICE box supplied with Multi-ICE v2.1 and later (model number 83) can only work with JTAG clock speeds up to 5MHz. The Multi-ICE box supplied with Multi-ICE up to and including 2.0 (model number 82) works reliably up to 10MHz.

2. Multi-ICE software v2.x sometimes loses control of the core when single-stepping or when a breakpoint is hit. This does not happen with Multi-ICE software v1.4.

There are no plans to fix these issues in future releases of Multi-ICE, so we recommend people using TMS470 processors to go back to version 1.4 of Multi-ICE software.


Article last edited on: 2008-09-09 15:47:29

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