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The Multi-ICE unit model number 83 needs a jumper fitted to be powered from the target board

Applies to: Multi-ICE


As explained in the Multi-ICE v2.2 User Guide , new Multi-ICE units (model number 83) can be powered from:

  • Pin 2 (Vsupply) on the 20-way JTAG connector, drawing current from the target power supply.
  • The power input jack.

The Multi-ICE unit contains two separate power supply circuits to derive a stable power supply for its internal logic. One of these is used when Multi-ICE is powered from the target board, and the other is used when Multi-ICE is supplied from the power input jack. However, the ability to derive power from the target board via the 20-way JTAG connector is disabled by default.

To enable target power functionality, follow this procedure:

  1. Ensure the Multi-ICE interface unit is not powered.
  2. Remove the access cover from the bottom of the interface unit case.
  3. Identify the configuration links. Next to the 20-way 'User I/O connector' you should see two 2-pin jumper links. One is labelled 'Target VCC' and 'J8', the other 'Target VRef' and 'J7'.
  4. Fit link J8. This enables the internal PSU circuit for target power.

There is no benefit in attempting to power Multi-ICE from the debug target and the power input jack simultaneously, as the internal PSU circuit for target power is disabled when power is supplied to the jack socket.

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