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Damaged installations

Applies to: Multi-ICE


Either the Server reports:

'The Server installation is incomplete or damaged. You may wish to re-install the software.'

or the debugger reports:

'The driver for [driver name] could not be found. This was due to an installation problem. Please re-install the Multi-ICE software.'

This is caused by attempting to use more than one version of Multi-ICE on a PC, or if a registry entry has been deleted or corrupted. It is only possible to use one version of Multi-ICE on a machine without making changes to the registry settings.

If more than one version of Multi-ICE has been installed on a machine, only the last version to be installed will work. To avoid this type of problem, it is recommended that the previous version is first removed before upgrading.

Note: The release version number of Multi-ICE can be found from the Server by Help->About Multi-ICE Server. From the debugger use Options->Configure Debugger then Configure for the Multi-ICE target environment, the release version number will be displayed in the title of the dialog box.

Article last edited on: 2008-09-09 15:47:29

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