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Multi-ICE Server shuts itself down (on e.g. laptops) with no network

Applies to: Multi-ICE


When trying to start the Multi-ICE Server on PCs with no network connection (especially laptops) or incomplete/damaged network settings, the Multi-ICE Server may terminate immediately, leaving portmap still open. This is because by default the server is set up to find a network, and hence a TCP/IP stack. Unfortunately, the Server shuts down before you can switch off the 'Allow Network Connections' option.

If you can connect the host PC of the Server to a network temporarily, then you can configure the Server to not look for a network, as follows: In the Server window, select 'Settings->Start-up Options...' from the menu bar (Ctrl+T), and deselect 'Allow Network Connections' from the Network Settings options.

A registry edit script is provided which can be run independently to prevent the server trying to use the network. The file is installed in the Multi-ICE installation directory and is called Non_tcp_ip.reg. Run the script (double-click on its icon) to switch off the 'Allow Network Connections' option. This is documented in the readme.txt.

Article last edited on: 2008-09-09 15:47:30

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