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What is the difference between RVCT 2.0 and RVCT 2.0.1?

Applies to: RealView Development Suite (RVDS)


The following are the main changes implemented by RVCT 2.0.1:


  • Fixed some optimisation bugs and "internal faults".
  • Fixed some debug information faults.
  • Can now generate SMLAL and UMLAL from appropriate source code.


  • Added support for large (>4MB) Thumb execution regions.
  • Fixed some incompatibilites with legacy SDT 2.5x objects.
  • Stack alignment checking enforced more rigorously. For more details see FAQ entry: "Linker Error: L6238E (invalid call from '~PRES8' function to 'REQ8' function)".
  • Final image will now always contain the same code by default, regardless of combination of debug/nodebug build options.
  • Usage of host computer memory reduced when linking.


  • Improved disassembly of Thumb LDR instructions.
  • Output filenames now reflect load region names for scatterfiles containing multiple load regions.


  • Fixed problem with assembler reporting valid LDRD/STRD instruction as invalid.

VFP support code, examples and floating point libraries

  • Now support BE8 for ARM Architecture v6.

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