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Can I use CodeWarrior with RVDS?

Applies to: Development Tools, RealView Development Suite (RVDS)


RVDS 3.1
Eclipse is the standard Integrated Development Environment (IDE) shipped with RVDS 3.1. Some ARM-specific Eclipse plug-ins are provided. In RVDS 3.1 CodeWarrior is an optional chargeable add-on. 

RVDS 3.0 and RVDS 2.2
RVDS 3.0 and RVDS 2.2 both ship with CodeWarrior IDE. If you have RVDS 3.0 or RVDS 2.2 and you wish to migrate an ADS CodeWarrior project, you can 'import' your exisiting project.  For information on how to do this please consult section 4.12 from the appropriate RVDS Getting Started Guide.

RVDS 2.1 and RVDS 2.0
You cannot use CodeWarrior with the RVDS 2.0 or RVDS 2.1 build tools. To build your project with RVDS 2.0 or 2.1 you can:

CodeWarrior project (.mcp) files can be converted into makefiles with the help of the downloadable mcp2make utility.

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