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Updating an ADS 1.1 License Server to license ADS version 1.2 features

Applies to: ARM Developer Suite (ADS), Tool Licensing (License Management)


If you upgrade from ADS 1.1 (or ADS 1.0.1) to ADS 1.2 then following receipt of an ADS version 1.2 upgrade, you must apply to ARM for a new ADS version 1.2 license file.

There are now two possibilities:

1 - The License Server details have changed from the previous installation.
If this is the case then the customer should proceed as for a new installation. NOTE: ADS clients wishing to use this License Server installation must also be updated to locate the new Server.

2 - The License Server details are unchanged from the previous installation.
In this case the License Server software must be upgraded to serve license for ADS 1.2 components.

Upgrading the License Server

  • The License Server license file 'license.dat', must either be replaced by the new version as supplied by ARM, or merged with the existing file. If the license file is merged, then the license server can support ADS 1.2 and also previous versions of ADS.
    ADS 1.2 documentation discusses the issues relating to combining license files. See section 3.3.2 of the ADS Installation and License Management Guide.

  • For the License Server to grant ADS 1.2 licenses, the License Server also requires later versions of the FLEXlm deamons. The ADS 1.2 FLEMlm components are built around FLEXlm version 7.2i, both lmgrd.exe and armlmd.exe must be updated. The lmutil.exe should also be updated.

    Later version of the FLEXlm components for supported server platforms are supplied on every ADS version 1.2 CD. These are located in the 'flexlm' directory in the CD root.

    To identify the FLEXlm version number associated with any given FLEXlm component/utility, the FLEXlm utility lmutil.exe can be used.

    In the examples below, the version number associated with armlmd.exe is examined:

    FLEXlm components supplied with ADS 1.2 will report:

    >lmutil lmver armlmd.exe
    lmutil - Copyright (C) 1989-2001 Globetrotter Software, Inc.
    FLEXlm v7.2i (liblmgr.a), Copyright (C) 1988-2001 Globetrotter Software, Inc.

    FLexLM components supplied with earlier version of ADS will report:

    >lmutil lmver armlmd.exe
    lmutil - Copyright (C) 1989-1999 Globetrotter Software, Inc.
    FLEXlm 6.1g (liblmgr.a), Copyright (C) 1988-1999 Globetrotter Software, Inc.
The License Server software must be upgraded along with a new Server license file.
Either remove the existing License Server software and perform a new installation, or incrementally replace the existing components.

NOTE: the existing license server process must of course be stopped when these changes are made.

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