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How do I add a trace license to ADS?

Applies to: ARM Developer Suite (ADS), Tool Licensing (License Management), Trace Debug Tools (TDT)


When Trace Debug tools (TDT) are added to an installation, a separate Trace license file is required. This should be requested from ARM using the supplied request form.

Installing a Trace Licenses for ADS 1.1
When you receive this license file from ARM, this must be installed using the Trace License Wizard and not the standard ADS License Wizard. If the ADS License Wizard is used, the ADS license file will be overwritten - to fix this problem, re-install the ADS license and install the Trace Tools license with the Trace License Wizard.

A trace license file will be called TDT.dat.

Installing a Trace Licenses for ADS 1.2
A Trace Tools installation under ADS 1.2 no longer includes a separate Trace License Wizard. The ADS License Wizard can now be used to install Trace license files. The Trace license will be appended to the existing ADS license file.

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