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Why are some Dynatext books not visible after installing/uninstalling other ARM products?

Applies to: RealView Development Suite (RVDS)


The ARM installers attempt to determine which ARM products are installed on your machine. If Dynatext books are available for a product, the installer attempts to add those books to the list of existing ARM product documentation. In some cases, the installer will fail to write the configuration file correctly.

This problem can be solved by editing the DynaText.ini file manually:

Dynatext book collections are defined in the DynaText.ini  file. By default this file is installed in:

C:Program FilesARMDocumentationDynatext4.1

The path to each collection of books is defined by a COLLECTION entry of the form:



<pathname> is the full path to the book collection.
<product_name> is a label that identifies the collection in the Dynatext collection

For example, the COLLECTION entry for a default installation of RVD 1.6 is:

COLLECTION=c:Program FilesARMDocumentationRVD1.6
=RealView Debugger v1.6

If DynaText books are not displayed in the DynaText collection window, open the DynaText.ini file in a text editor and ensure that there is a valid COLLECTION line for each collection of DynaText books.

Article last edited on: 2008-09-09 15:47:32

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