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What ETMs are supported by which versions of TDT?

Applies to: ARM Developer Suite (ADS), Trace Debug Tools (TDT)


The following table indicates the different levels of support offered by TDT 1.1.1, TDT 1.2.

ETM VersionETM Arch VersionImplementationProtocolTDT 1.1.1TDT 1.2 (or RVD)
ETM7 Rev 0ETMv1.101YesYes
ETM7 Rev 1ETMv1.202YesYes
ETM7 Rev 1aETMv1.214NoYes
ETM9 Rev 0ETMv1.000YesYes
ETM9 Rev 0aETMv1.101YesYes
ETM9 Rev 1ETMv1.202YesYes
ETM9 Rev 2ETMv1.303NoYes
ETM9 Rev 2aETMv1.315NoYes
ETM9 Rev2p2ETMv1.327NoYes

Note that TDT 1.2 can only be used with ADS 1.2. It cannot be used with ADS 1.1 or earlier. You are also advised to use Multi-ICE 2.2 and install the latest patch.

Article last edited on: 2008-09-09 15:47:32

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