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Use of banked registers after forced user-mode STM

Applies to: ARM Firmware Suite, RealMonitor


This is fixed in AFS 1.4.
RMTarget, as supplied in AFS 1.2 and AFS 1.3, uses a sequence of instructions that accesses banked registers after a forced user-mode STM. To fix this, you must add a NOP as follows:

1) In the Sources/rm_asm.s file, locate the following code in the rm_PollRunningToStoppped function:

         STMIA   lr, {a1,a3,r5-r14}^ ; Save user-mode r3-r14.
ADD a1, lr, #12*4 ; a1 points to r[15]

2) Insert a NOP instruction as follows:

         STMIA   lr, {a1,a3,r5-r14}^ ; Save user-mode r3-r14.
NOP ; need a 1 instruction gap before reading lr
ADD a1, lr, #12*4 ; a1 points to r[15]

(DE 63660)

Article last edited on: 2008-09-09 15:47:32

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