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What are the differences between TDT 1.1 (1.1.1) and TDT 1.2?

Applies to: ARM Developer Suite (ADS), Trace Debug Tools (TDT)


  • TDT 1.2 introduces support for additional ETM versions. See the above table for more details.
  • TDT can now be used with an XScale target if you are using Multi-ICE as the JTAG run control device. The XScale target has its own trace hardware, so you do not need separate trace capture hardware (TPA). Because the XScale target has its own trace buffer, many of the configuration options used with the ARM ETM are invalid, and some elements of the user interface are different when you are using an XScale target. See Chapter 7 of the TDT User Guide 'Using TDT with XScale' for XScale-specific information.
  • On Jazelle enabled cores TDT 1.2 can detect when the processor enters Java state and suppress trace.
  • TDT 1.2 allows the user to stop saving trace to a log file at any time while tracing.
  • A new Refresh option in the View ETM State dialog box allows you to refresh the counter and state machine values at any time.
  • Support for multiplexed ETMs with a single Mictor connector.

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