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Loading an application using the rm_uHAL.axf image

Applies to: ARM Firmware Suite, RealMonitor


The following is a set of additional notes to accompany section 3.6 in the RMTarget Integration Guide (ARM DUI 0142A).

Section 3.6 describes how to debug a chain library enabled application using a chain library enabled version of rm_uHAL.axf . For this to work, you must disable semihosting in the debugger prior to running your application, so that the chain library on the target handles semihosting requests instead of Multi-ICE. Perform the following additional steps:

1) Using RMHost  in AXD, load your chain library enabled application using your preferred method.
2) Select Configure Processor from the Options menu. The Processor Properties  dialog opens.
3) Ensure that the Semihosting  option is unticked.
4) Click OK  to close the dialog. You can now run your application.

Article last edited on: 2008-09-09 15:47:33

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