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Where can I obtain expansion connectors for the Evaluator-7T?

Applies to: Evaluator-7T


The Evaluator-7T board has spaces to fit four 50-way, surface-mount connectors (J2, J3, J4 and J5) which give access to many of the Samsung microcontroller's interface pins. These can be used to attach custom hardware if required.

Pinout details for these connectors can be found in the circuit schematic and netlist which are provided on the documentation CD-ROM supplied with the Evaluator-7T.

ARM does not supply the Evaluator-7T with the connectors fitted, nor does ARM sell these connectors. The required connectors can be purchased separately through an electronic components supplier. The connectors can then be fitted to the Evaluator-7T board by persons with the necessary soldering skills and equipment.

The board was designed to accept the connectors listed below, but other connectors of similar dimensions may fit the PCB pads. A mechanical drawing of the board, showing connector dimensions and placement can be found in the appendices of the Evaluator-7T User Guide (also provided in .pdf format on the accompanying CD-ROM).

Header that fits on the board:
Manufacturer: AMP
Manuf Part #: 104655-6

Receptacle that fits on the bottom of attaching card:
Manufacturer: AMP
Manuf part #: 104652-5

For further details on these connectors, such as distributors and availability, mechanical drawings and specifications, please refer to the manufacturer's website, and perform a part number search on the part numbers listed above.

It should be noted that although the microcontroller fitted to the Evaluator-7T contains an Ethernet controller, a functional Ethernet interface can not be implemented just by adding these connectors. The Evaluator-7T board does not contain the physical layer components required to connect the Ethernet controller to a network. It would be possible to build a custom daughterboard containing these components, or there are 3rd party boards available which are compatible with the Evaluator-7T. One such example is Please note that ARM cannot vouch for the quality or suitability of equipment produced by 3rd parties.

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