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What do each of the ARM7TDMI production test patterns cover?

Applies to: ARM7TDMI


The basic breakdown of the test patterns is as follows:

  • 'ale' Simple vectors to test the operation of the ALE pin and address generation.
  • 'thumb' Tests the changes to the blocks which were made to the ARM7TDMI in order to make it thumb compatible (but not the instruction  decompression logic itself).
  • 'arm' Tests the ARM instruction decoder and main data path.
  • 'debug' Tests the debug features of the core.
  • 'ice' Tests the operation of the EmbeddedICE Macrocell.
  • 'mul' Tests the operation of the multiplier block.
  • 'pipe' Tests the Thumb instruction decompression logic and pipeline.
  • 'regnew' Tests the register bank more extensively that the other vectors.
  • 'rev4' Tests the functional changes between Rev 3A and Rev 4 (Applies to ARM7TDMI Rev 4 only).

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