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How do DSMs handle 'x' values in simulations?

Applies to: Processor Cores


Most of the DSMs are based on the RTL description which is compiled into a Swift model. Therefore X state handling in the DSM is dependent on the RTL. In some cases the RTL contains statments to monitor for X values and some do not. EG the ARM7TDMI will issue ASSERTION warnings when X values are written to an ARM register, while the ARM946 gives very little in the way of warnings (it is best to check the EIS trace should you suspect an X related problem with this processor).

In some cached cores,such as ARM922T, integers are used to model the memory locations for the sake of simulation speed. This is done on a per nibble basis (ie a nibble is translated into an integer) If a particular nibble contains an X then the previous value is retained and a warning is issued from the RTL code. Unfortunately this warning message doesn’t make it out of the DSM and into the simulation log, making them difficult to spot.

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