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How can I connect my DSTREAM / RealView ICE directly to my computer with an Ethernet cross-over cable?

Applies to: DSTREAM, RealView ICE and Trace (RVI / RVT)


You can connect a DSTREAM / RealView ICE directly to a computer using an Ethernet cross-over cable. This scheme eliminates the possibility of any network issue when connecting to a DSTREAM / RVI unit when a USB connection is not an option (for whatever reason).

Note: Normally you would use this configuration to set the IP address of the DSTREAM / RVI unit. This configuration may not be appropriate to debug a core if your development tools are licensed from a remote license server.

The following steps must be followed to connect directly to a DSTREAM / RVI unit with a cross-over cable:

1- Assign your PC a static IP address. If your PC was obtaining a IP address from a DHCP server you can use that address, but assign it statically

2- Assign a static IP address to the DSTREAM / RVI unit manually, using the 'Debug Hardware Config IP' (formerly 'RealView ICE Config IP') utility. This connection is performed using the UDP network protocol, so it works even if the DSTREAM / RVI unit does not have a suitable IP address for your network.

For example, you can set the DSTREAM / RVI IP address with the computer IP address + 1. Ensure that both the PC and the DSTREAM / RVI unit have the same subnet mask

Beware that software such as firewall software may interfere with the communications between the computer and the DSTREAM / RVI unit. You may have to temporarily disable any firewall while using DSTREAM / RVI and re-enable it after you finish.

Also a damaged or low-quality Ethernet cable could cause problems during the IP configuration.

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