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Coexistence of earlier versions of AXD with AXD v1.3

Applies to: RealView Development Suite (RVDS)


A new version of the AXD debugger (v1.3) is now supplied as a component of the Windows version of the ARM RealView Developer Suite (RVDS v2.1 and above). Once installed this new version of AXD should be used in preference to any existing older versions of AXD that were installed with the ARM Developer Suite (ADS).

After installing AXD v1.3, attempting to launch a previous version of AXD will lead to an error similar to following:

'remote_a.sdi has unexpected Product Version. Expected2.0, got 1.2. Please contact your supplier.'

This problem may be seen if you have existing shortcuts or scripts which explicitly launch older AXD executables. You should ensure that these are updated to point to the new AXD v1.3 executable.

The default installation directory for the AXD binaries is as follows:

For AXD v1.3: C:Program FilesARMRDIAXD1.3##win_32-pentium
For AXD v1.2: C:Program FilesARMADSv1_2Bin

It is only possible to have one version of AXD active at any one time. However, you can switch between active versions by running the appropriate 'register.bat' utility. For example: To make AXD v1.2 the active debugger run the register.bat utility in the ADSv1_2Bin directory.

Note: This utility is invoked automatically as part of the installation process. By default the last installed version of AXD will be active.

Article last edited on: 2008-09-09 15:47:41

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