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How do I configure Multi-ICE Server to connect to the PB926?

Applies to: PB926


Multi-ICE v2.2.5 or earlier cannot auto-configure the devices on the Versatile/PB926EJ-S. This happens because the auto-configuration code is not programmed to recognize the on-board XC2V2000 FPGA.

Currently, this can be overcome by loading a manual configuration file in Multi-ICE Server. Future versions or patches of Multi-ICE will include auto-configuration code for the Versatile/PB926EJ-S.

The Multi-ICE manual configuration files provided in the Versatile/PB926EJ-S installation CD v1.0 are incorrect. In order to reprogram the board you need to use the update files from the Technical Support - Downloads - Versatile page in the ARM website. 

If you are using Multi-ICE v2.2.5 or earlier you need to add manually the following lines to irlength.arm in the Multi-ICE installation folder:


The PWP926EJ-S_BS2 is the test TAP controller for the ARM926EJ-S development chip.
The XC2V2000 is a Xilinx Virtex-II FPGA.

Article last edited on: 2009-01-20 17:17:30

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