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Which version of the license server daemons should I run, and where do I find them?

Applies to: ARM Developer Suite (ADS), DS-5, RealView Development Suite (RVDS), Tool Licensing (License Management)


ARM's development tools use FlexNet (formerly FLEXlm) license management from Flexera Software. Utilities are provided for running a license server on the platforms supported by the tools.

What software is needed to run a license server?

License server software consists of two parts:

Which platforms are supported?

A list of supported platforms can be found in the product documentation, and also in the following FAQs:

Where can I get the license utilities?

The latest ARM supported versions can also be downloaded from the ARM website: (login/registration required)

For DS-5 users, the utilities are available in the following directory:


For RVDS users, the utilities are included on the install media:

<install media>/Utilities/FLEXlm/

If you are using RVDS 3.0 or later, the utilities for all platforms can be copied from the Utilities/FLEXnet subdirectory of your RVDS installation at %ARMROOT%/Utilities/FLEXlm.

Which version of armlmd/lmgrd should I use?

You should use the version of armlmd/lmgrd supplied with your tools, or the latest version available from the ARM website.  It is strongly recommended that that you use matching armlmd/lmgrd versions.

It may be possible to use an older version of armlmd/lmgrd than supplied with the tools, but this is NOT recommended or supported.

The table below lists the minimum version of the FlexNet/FLEXlm utilities required to successfully run a license server for the corresponding ARM toolchain in the left column.

ARM toolchain Libraries version of FlexNet/FLEXlm utilities
DS-5 v5.19 and later
DS-5 v5.11 to v5.18.1
DS-5 v5.9 to v5.11
DS-5 v5.6 to v5.8
DS-5 v5.0 to v5.5
ARM Compiler 6.01
ARM Compiler 6.00 update 2
ARM Compiler 6.00
ARM Compiler 5.05
ARM Compiler 5.04
ARM Compiler 5.03
ARM Compiler 5.02
ARM Compiler 5.01
ARM Compiler 5.00
ARM Compiler 4.1
RVDS 4.1
RVCT 4.0 build 471 and later
RVDS 4.0
RVCT 3.1 build 836 and later
RVDS 3.1
RVDS 3.0
RVDS 2.2 9.2+
RVDS 2.1, 2.1.1 9.2+
RVDS 2.0 9.0#, 9.2+
ADS 1.2.1 9.0#, 9.2+
RVD 1.6.1 8.1b*
RVCT 2.0 8.1b
RVCT 1.2 8.1b
RVARMulator 1.3.1 8.1b
ADS 1.2 7.2i

+For Red Hat Linux 9, a separate version of the FLEXlm 9.2 utilities is available, and is supplied as flexlm92_redhat9.tar.

#For Solaris 2.6, FLEXlm 9.2 tools must be used instead of FLEXlm 9.0.

*Standalone versions of RVD 1.6.1 were shipped with FLEXlm 8.2a tools; this version of the utilities is not compatible with RVCT 2.0 licenses.

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