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Why am I getting a FLEXlm -15,10 license error?

Applies to: ARM Developer Suite (ADS), DS-5, RealView Development Suite (RVDS), Tool Licensing (License Management)


This error message usually means that the FLEXlm license management daemons are not running and the client cannot connect to license server.  Reasons for this error include:

  1. The license server has not yet been started

    It is possible for the FLEXlm error message -15,10 to occur because the license server has not been started. For more information on starting a license server please see section 4.3 - 'Starting the license server' in the ARM FLEXlm License Management Guide.

  2. The wrong port@host is being used.

    Your license file may contain an invalid port number.  The default port number used by ARM is '8224'.  See section 4.2 of the ARM FLEXlm License Management Guide for more information about port numbers.

  3. The port or hostname in the license file has been changed.

    You may have accidentally edited your license file.  If this is the case, then replace your license file with the original file you received from or by email and repeat the installation of your floating license by carefully following the instructions from the FAQ:  How do I install my floating license?

  4. The client has not been configured to obtain a license from the server.

    The client may not have an environment variable, ARMLMD_LICENSE_FILE, which references the license server or the local license file.  Alternatively you may not have installed a local copy of the server license file on the client computer.  For more information, please see the Floating License Installation document within the FAQ:  How do I install my floating license?

If you are still seeing the same error message after trying all of these possible solutions and your license server is definitely operational, refer to the FAQ,  Why am I getting a FLEXlm -15 license error, even though my license server is running?

If you still have problems, contact with full details of your license server and client configuration, license file(s), and status of the lmgrd and armlmd tasks on the server.

Article last edited on: 2010-07-28 17:18:26

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