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Can I reprogram CM922T-XA10 Flash without Multi-ICE?

Applies to: Integrator


The CM922T-XA10 core module uses an Altera Excalibur EPXA10 device, which contains an ARM922T processor core coupled with an Altera PLD via AMBA AHB buses. The Excalibur part also contains various peripheral devices and an EBI (External Bus Interface) for connecting external memory. On the core module, the EBI is connected to three Intel 28F640J3A Flash chips, one of which (on the EBI0 chip select) is used to store the Excalibur boot code and PLD configuration.

When this board was designed, it was envisaged that the Flash would be programmed, and the ARM code would be debugged using ARM's 'Multi-ICE' JTAG interface unit. Flash programming is achieved by using Multi-ICE in conjunction with the 'Progcards' utility, which is provided on the CM922T-XA10 CD-ROM.

ARM's newer RVI (RealView ICE) JTAG interface can be used to debug the embedded ARM922T core in the Excalibur device, but at present (Oct. 2004) RVI cannot be used with Progcards, hence some other means is needed to program the board Flash memory.

If no Multi-ICE unit is available, but the customer has an Altera ByteBlaster cable and the AXD debugger, then the example code provided in the "Integrator Downloads" section of this website can be used as a rudimentary Flash programmer for this board.

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