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What is the EtmMuxDemux block?

Applies to: ETM7, ETM9


Applies to: ETM7/ETM9

The EtmMuxDemux block is used to manipulate the trace outputs of the ETM for the different data modes as follows:

  • In normal mode, data is output on the A port, on every rising edge of TRACECLK.
  • In multiplexed mode, data is output on the A port only, on both edges of TRACECLK.
  • In de-multiplexed mode, data is output on the A and B ports, on alternate rising edges of TRACECLK.

The EtmMuxDemux block also generates TRACECLK for the different clocking modes. By using CLK and CLKDIVTWOEN, it generates TRACECLK; which can either be the same frequency as CLK or half the frequency of CLK.

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